What options are available to collect documents?

The eMerge team can conduct targeted, remote collections of isolated documents in a defensible manner that preserves the metadata and tracks the documents from collection through production to admission into evidence. The eMerge team uses web-based tools to conduct interviews and identify the appropriate documents for collection while viewing the custodian’s computer. The eMerge team will coordinate with the client’s IT department to minimize burdens and costs associated with the collection of ESI and ensure that the collection is legally defensible. Additionally, in appropriate cases, the eMerge team can coordinate the forensic imaging of computers, database exports, and collections from less common sources including mobile devices, web-based e-mail, social media, Sharepoint sites, and websites.  Improper and undocumented collection methods lead to increased costs down the road, including the duplication of effort and the inability to de-duplicate collected documents.

What does “processing” mean and what value is there in incurring costs to process data?

When ESI is processed, the costs associated with handling ESI are reduced because duplicates can be removed from multiple sources and the ESI can be filtered using search terms, date restrictions, and file types.  Additionally, processing the data preserves the metadata and extracts it for loading into review platforms where it can be further filtered, culled, sorted, and managed.  Data processing also allows for identification of e-mail threads, near-duplicates, and use of predictive coding and computer-assisted review technology. Finally, processing data creates a unique hash value that can be used to authenticate the data and defend its admissibility.

What review platform does eMerge use and why?

eMerge uses Relativity® –  a top-rated review tool.

Relativity®, coupled with the eMerge team’s experience and industry knowledge, provides the best technology for the diverse needs of our clients.  Relativity® allows for secure web-based access to ESI in a manner that can be shared with clients, experts, or opposing counsel because the documents and the tags associated with them can be secured and isolated at the user, tag, and/or document level. Relativity® is highly customizable and can be configured to maximize efficiencies based on the specific needs of each matter.

Relativity® offers complex data analytics for identifying email threads and key concepts as well as applying document review decisions to similar documents without manual review (predictive coding/technology-assisted review). Additionally, Relativity® offers project management tools and automated features that cut the costs associated with analyzing data.

Why should I use eMerge for document review?

The eMerge team includes attorneys who specialize in managed document review services as well as project attorneys who are trained and managed to conduct efficient and accurate document reviews.  The team understands that review costs are often the most expensive component of eDiscovery and strive to reduce these costs by leveraging technology and staffing with appropriate levels of reviewers.  eMerge document review teams are unique because they work closely with Troutman Sanders case teams and clients throughout the review lifecycle, including deposition and trial preparation.  This continuity ensures that the case specific facts and document knowledge is not lost after production.

We also use technology to improve efficiency and accuracy of document reviews by:

Is eDiscovery necessary in small cases where the amount in controversy does not warrant this expense?

Proper handling of eDiscovery can be even more important in smaller matters in which costs are a concern. Assisted remote collection of key documents and use of appropriate software for de-duplication and production can significantly reduce the costs associated with collection, review, and production of ESI in small matters. Automated privilege logs, branding, and tracking can further reduce costs. Similarly, use of appropriate databases in small cases allows for quick searching and isolation of key documents for depositions and the automated generation of exhibit lists for trial. Finally, whether a case is large or small, improper handling of ESI can lead to significant discovery costs if preservation, collection, production, and authentication of ESI are ever challenged by opposing parties.

What if a Troutman Sanders client has its own preferred vendors for these services?

We hope that Troutman Sanders clients will use eMerge instead of their preferred vendors.  We ensure that our rates are competitive with other similar services and our technology is unequivocally “cutting edge” in the eDiscovery industry. Moreover, using the eMerge team reduces duplication of effort because the work is performed by a team that is integrated with Troutman Sanders lawyers. Using our team eliminates the added costs associated with having to oversee the work performed by outside providers. However, if a client chooses to engage an outside vendor for some or all of these services, we will work with the client and its chosen vendor to ensure that the work is done properly and is appropriately integrated into the case team’s work flow.


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